Department of Biostatistics & Health Informatics
    Dr. Uttam Singh
    Dr. Prabhakar Mishra
    Dr. Anup Kumar
    Dr. Jai Kishun

    Statistical education
    Research consultancy
    Computer education
    Data analysis support
    Management of patient care data

    PhD course in Biostatistics
    Fellowship in Biostatistics (3 year duration)
    Foundation courses in Biostatistics
    Foundation courses in computer application
    Continuing education in statistical computing
    Advance courses in Biostatistics

    Thrust areas
    Statistical computing
    Clinical and community trials
    Meta analysis of clinical studies
    Life time data /survival analysis
    Stochastic models in epidemiology
    Health informatics and health care evaluation
    Meta Analysis
    Meta Analysis Resources
    Meta Analysis Notes
    Download Meta Analysis Software
    Download Rev Men Software
    Meta Analysis Examples

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