Department of Immunology

Sita Naik
Ramnath Misra
Aruna Parashar
Vikas Agarwal
Able Lawrence
Amita Aggarwal

The department started functioning in the August 1987 with a small outpatient clinic and a temporary laboratory. It currently has several well equipped laboratories, 10 senior residents, 10 PhD students, many research fellows and a 24-bed indoor facility. In addition, the department runs two general outpatient clinics and two specialty clinics (Autoimmune Rheumatic Disease Clinic and Hemato-Oncology Clinic) every week.

The department's objective has been to develop a composite approach to Immunology. The clinical spectrum of autoimmune connective tissue diseases, immunodeficiency diseases and immunomalignancies were included in the curriculum of Clinical Immunology and laboratory investigations to support these clinical; activities were developed. A strong training program in basic immunology was also started

The department's laboratories provide a wide range of investigations. A small group of well-trained and dedicated technicians help in providing the best clinical immunology lab service in the country.

On the training front, 6 PhD students and 12 DM students have completed their training; all of them have found excellent teaching or research positions in India and abroad. The department also encourages short and long term trainees to spend time in the department and has also conducted two workshops (of three-week duration each) on basic immunology and two one-week workshops on autoantibodies.

Research Areas

Sita Naik Immunology of hepatitis B and E virus infection
Molecular epidemiology of Hepatitis B
Evaluation of candidate vaccine for leishmaniasis
RN Misra Autoantibodies in different connective tissue diseases
Clinical utility of complement degradation product C3d in SLE and acute transplant rejection.
Imunopathogenic mechanisms in spondyloarthropathy
Amita Aggarwal Immunopathogenesis of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis

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