Department of Neonatology

We are a cohesive team, involved in providing comprehensive newborn care including advanced, intensive, developmentally supportive and evidence based interventions with goal to have intact Neonatal survival.The Department  mentors  to provide comprehensive, professional and humane development.The department addresses to fundamental research questions and innovations relevant to our scenario.

Having a baby is a thrilling and exciting time for parents, but when baby requires special care, baby needs to be in the best hands. At Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences (SGPGIMS), department  of Neonatology, baby is in the highly competent hands.The team provides supportive, family–centered care in a technologically advanced environment. Baby's progress is tracked right from the mothers womb, with the prenatal consultation program.Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of SGPGIMS cares for all spectrum of newborns diseases, and follow-up OPD’s tracks baby's development. The department specializes in treating sick babies of all gestations and believe in intact survival of newborn.

HOD's Message

Warm greetings!
Its privilege to be at the helm of the Neonatology department of SGPGIMS Lucknow. The department is vibrant with positive energy & aura. It provides humane warmth to all the care seekers, attendants, faculty & the staff. Communication & human relationship are most valued. It takes pride in becoming technologically advanced & tech savvy department. It has clarity of thought & vision for taking neonatal care to greater height both in the institute & beyond.
Human resource development is the key forte. It provides appropriate & effective environment for the comprehensive growth of neonatal scientists & platform for realization of professional, research & innovation dreams. The department has hunger for learning & has frequent visits of professional elites & doyens, both from national & international arena.Thanks for the visit.
May we enjoin in the mission of “Intact Neonatal Survival” & “Comprehensive Humane Neonatal Resource Development” at SGPGIMS, Lucknow.
Jai Hind
Jai Neonate


The Department was established in year 2013. In  year 2014,  started with 10 beds and further increased to 20 beds in 2017


Surg RAdm Girish Gupta (Retd): DCH,DNB,DM,FNNF :   Professor & Head
Dr Kirti M Naranje
MD, Fellow PCC (IAP)
Associate Professor
Dr Anita Singh MD,DNB,Neonatology
 Assistant Professor
Dr Aakash Pandita MD,DNB Neonatology  Assistant Professor


  • 2 PDCC Residents and 12 Senior Residents (HS) :
  • Present SR's : Dr Namita Mishra, Dr Amit Shukla. Dr Vijay Singh, Dr Astha Panghal , Dr Apurva Kwadiya, Dr Shikha Khandelwal , Dr Nehit Kumar Choudhary, Dr Shrey Rastogi
  • Number of PDCC residents to be increased to 6 from academic session of  year 2018.                 

  • Tech Savvy: Latest technology is used optimally both in care & training.
  • Innovations: Department promotes innovations and locally developed simulations.
  • Holistic Development :We treat ,He cures. We start our day with daily prayer and Praynayam.


The unit has 20 NICU beds equipped with latest gadgets to provide state of art newborn care to little ones. Department has a separate OPD complex with dedicated sub-specialty days.
Services provided include
  •  Emergency Neonatal care
  •  Level 3 Neonatal intensive care
  •  Counselling
  • Perinatal clinic
  • Preterm Care
  • Phototherapy and Exchange transfusion
  • TPN
  • Newborn Metabolic & Routine screening
  • Hearing screening
  • Development supportive care
  • Point of care Echocardiography and Neurosonography
  • Integrated Neonatal services with Pediatric-Gastroenterology, Endocrinology, Surgery,Medical Genetics and Hematology.
  • Vaccination (Monday and Thursday)
  • Subspecialty OPD’s
  • Perinatal services
  • Miscellaneous


      Postdoctoral Certificate Course (PDCC) of 1 year: The course was started in year 2017, aimed to provide  fundamental  knowledge. Special        
      endeavours are put to develop skills and attitude required for becoming a comprehensive practical Neonatologist.

CME, Conferences & other Academic events 

  • CME/Workshops on NRP, Breast feeding, Nutrition and Essential Newborn Care
  • Joint organizers of KMCCON  2018.
  • Capacity building programmes for UP State doctors of PHCs, CHCs and District Hospitals.
  • NBE, DNB Neonatology Examination center.


In year 2018, Senior Residents & Nurses have developed three innovations, addressing to simulation based training & fixing of feeding tube.


Publications of year 2017-2018
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Future Plans
  •  To commence DM Neonatology Course.
  •  To establish Level III-B NICU
  •  To establish quality Neonatal transport services
  •  To collaborate with National and International Neonatalogy centers of Excellence to enhance quality of care, training & research.
  •  To develop locally relevant Apps for Smartphones in the domain of Neonatology.
  •  To establish an Apex Centre for the care of Neonates & Mother

Dr. Namita Mishra (Chief Resident)

I am sharing my 3 years experience in Department of Neonatology, SGPGI. I feel proud to be part of a team where not only a comprehensive professional is developed but a complete human being is nurtured. Being a tertiary care centre we get to manage different variety of challenging cases. We got to manage all sorts of medical and surgical cases. We were taught on a wider scale ranging from basic newborn care to advanced technology including high frequency ventilation, laminar flow, HHHFNC. Clinical neonatology and developmentally supportive care is our forte and intact survival is our aim. We had the opportunity to learn from encouraging and friendly mentors. Daily we have academic feast including seminars, journal club, case discussions, mortality meets, clinical grand rounds, interdepartmental meetings, faculty lecture, skill stations and many more. We had the opportunity to have national and international visiting faculties in our department and interact with them. Counseling being an equally important aspect in care, we were taught counseling in different case scenarios. We also got the opportunity to do research work and publish research articles, letter to editor, case reports and others in indexed national and international journals and present our paper in various conferences.Working environment is friendly with positive vibes all around. The entire team is like a family. We also celebrate all personal happy occasions and professional achievements.Not only clinical and academic development, department is also considerate about mental well being of the working staff. For this we have taken initiative to begin everyday with an indigenous prayer and meditation capsule thus adding to our spiritual strength. Overall after completing my 3 years in the department I feel being a more confident, evolved and comprehensive neonatologist and a better human being.

To conclude we provide the holistic, most up to date, tender new-born care and develop Doctors to become an Epitome of Neonatology


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