Department of Nephrology

      Amit Gupta
      Narayan Prasad
      Anita Saxena
      Anupama Kaul
      Dharmendra Bhadauria
      Manas Rajan Patel
      Monika Yachha
      M.R. Behera
      Ravi S Kushwaha


            Areas of interest

    • Transplant immunology
    • Progression of renal failure and interventions to retard it
    • Renal bone disease
    • Acute renal failure
    • Diabetic nephropathy
        Current Faculty & Senior Residents
        Criteria for Seniority list for live renal transplantation with donor from near relatives
        Live Donor Transplant waiting list as on February 2020
        Short Term Senior Residents
        Nephrology Alumani Directory


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