Department of Nuclear Medicine

       AK Shukla
       S Gambhir
       PK Pradhan
       Sukanta Barai
       Amitabh Arya


        Clinical activities and facilities

    • Gamma cameras with computerised data processing systems
    • SPECT gamma camera system with Head Tome
    • Multi-terminal networking system with a mini-supercomputer
    • Whole body bone densitometer with dual photon absorptiometry
    • High dose and low dose radionuclide therapy
    • In-house preparation of radiopharmaceuticals
    • Radiation safety services to all the departments using  radiation generating machines or radioactive sources

        The department offers the following courses:

    • MD (Nuclear Medicine)
    • PhD program

        Areas of Interest

    • Standardization of vegetarian radioactive meal and its utilization in routine gastric emptying studies
    • T/P ratio:  a new parameter for detection of hyperthyroid state
    • Testing of 99m-Tc-cystine as a new radiopharmaceutical for functional and cortical renal imaging.


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