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The majority of scientific journals now have some kind of online availability. Table of contents (TOC) and abstracts are available freely on the Internet and many journals provide the facility of free electronic table of contents (e-toc) by e-mail to any user who registers on the journal / publisher web site. Some journals also provide access to the full text of articles free of cost while others need subscription to the journal for full text availability. Full text may be available as usual hypertext (HTML) format of web pages and/or as portable document format (PDF) documents. PDF documents allow easy printing and may also be available as 'Print Version'. Adobe Acrobat Reader has to be installed on your computer to view / print the articles available as PDF documents. It can be downloaded free from Adobe Acrobat web page and can be installed by following simple on-screen instructions. The journal lists presented here are organized under the broad subdivisions of pathology including major / leading journals in these areas and are aimed to provide easily available links and brief information about online availability of articles in these journals. Although efforts will be made to update these pages regularly, the actual status should always be confirmed from the relevant web pages as web sites of these journals are continuously updated. The visitors are welcome to send feedback, information about broken links, other comments and suggestions by clicking here.
General and Surgical Pathology, Molecular Pathology and Lab Medicine
Journal Publishing 
Full Text / PDF
Full Text/PDF Availability
Advances in Anatomic Pathology Bimonthly 1994
American Journal of Clinical Pathology Monthly 2000 Free 1 year after publication
American Journal of Pathology Monthly 1925 Free 1 year after publication
American Journal of Surgical Pathology Monthly 1977
Analytical Cellular Pathology Bimonthly 1997 Free full text/PDF
Annals of Diagnostic Pathology Bimonthly 1997
Applied Immunohistochem & Molecular Morphology Bimonthly 1999
(APMIS) Acta Pathol Microbiol et Immunol Scand Monthly 1924
Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Monthly 1999 Free full text/PDF
BMC Clinical Pathology Online 2001 Free full text/PDF
CAP Today Monthly 2000 Free full text
Clinics in Laboratory Medicine Quarterly 2002
Diagnostic Histopathology (prev. Current Diagnostic Pathology) Monthly 1995
Diagnostic Molecular Pathology Quarterly 1992
Histopathology Monthly 1977
Histology and Histopathology Quarterly 1993
Human Pathology Monthly 1970
Indian Journal of Pathology and Microbiology Quarterly 1995-01, 2006- Free full text/PDF
International Journal of Experimental Pathology Bimonthly 1996
International Journal of Surgical Pathology Bimonthly 1993
Internet Journal of Pathology Online 2000 Free full text/PDF
Journal of Clinical Laboratory Analysis Bimonthly 1987
Journal of Clinical Pathology Monthly 1947
Journal of Histochemistry and Cytochemistry Monthly 1953 Free 1 year after publication
Journal of Molecular Diagnostics Bimonthly 1999 Free 1 year after publication
Journal of Pathology Monthly 1892
Laboratory Investigation Monthly 2000 Free 1 year after publication
Laboratory Medicine Monthly 2000 Free 1 year after publication
Modern Pathology Monthly 2000 Free 1 year after publication
Newspath Online 2005 Free full text
Pathobiology Bimonthly 1998
Pathology Bimonthly 1969
Pathology - Research and Practice Monthly 1978
Pathology Case Reviews Bimonthly 1996
Pathology International Monthly 1951
Pathology and Oncology Research Quarterly 1997
Pathophysiology Quarterly 1994
Seminars in Diagnostic Pathology Quarterly 2003
Surgical Pathology Clinics Quarterly 2008
Ultrastructural Pathology Bimonthly 1980
Virchows Archiv Monthly 1847

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