Department of Pathology, SGPGIMS, Lucknow, India.
Residency Program
The Junior Residency Program is a part of three-year MD course and leads to MD degree after training in various disciplines of pathology and allied subjects.

The post-MD Senior Residency Program is for a maximum of three years (renewable every year). It offers an opportunity for an excellent wholesome work experience in Pathology. The candidates who want to apply should have MD (Pathology) degree from an institution or university recognised by the Medical Council of India. The eligible candidates have to take an all-India entrance examination conducted twice every year (June and late Nov./Dec.) depending upon the number of seats available. The entrance examination includes theory examination (multiple-choice questions) and practical examination.

The selected candidates work as senior residents in different laboratories of the department of Pathology, SGPGIMS, including clinical chemistry, cytopathology, haematopathology, and histopathology. The program provides experience in various subspecialities of pathology including endocrine pathology, gastrointestinal and hepatic pathology with emphasis on endoscopic biopsy pathology, renal pathology, surgical neuropathology, immunohistochemistry, and electron microscopy, etc. There is exposure to and opportunity for hands-on experience on state-of-art laboratory equipment and techniques. The senior residents also actively participate in all the academic programs of the department and get a significant teaching experience. The frequent clinico-pathological case conferences held in the department help the candidates in acquiring wider clinical outlook and communication skills.

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