Department of Surgical Gastroenterology

        VK Kapoor
        R Saxena
        Ashok Kumar
        Richa Lal
        Rajneesh Kumar Singh
        Anu Behari
        Anand Prakash



      • Laparoscopic surgery
      • Liver resections
      • Pancreatic surgery (pancreaticoduodenectomy, pancreatic necrosectomy)
      • Revision and reconstructive biliary tract surgery
      • Segment III hepaticojejunostomy
      • Shunts and devascularization procedures for portal hypertension
      • Esophageal resections
      • Sphincter-saving procedures for carcinoma rectum and ulcerative colitis


      • The department runs an MCh (Surgical Gastroenterology) course.

          Areas of Interest

      • Carcinoma of the gallbladder
      • Gallbladder preservation
      • Bilioenteric anastomosis
      • Functional evaluation of the intrathoracic stomach
      • Non-splenectomy shunts

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